Early Puppy Training & Socialisation are CRITICAL




At Harveys Puppy Training we offer a package of 4 one to one sessions which will teach you the basic training essential for wellbeing and development and provide you with the opportunity to socialise your puppy in a safe and secure environment.  Day care opportunities also provide vital socialisation with other, well behaved and socialised puppies and dogs - please ask for more information.

Cost £120 for 4 session package which includes 2 FREE ebooks on training, session notes and email/telephone support - SPECIAL OFFER - if you book 1 - 2 days per week regular day care I will discount this package by 25% - if you book 3 - 4 days a week regular day I will offer a 50% discount for this package. 

Early puppy training and socialisation are critical to ensure a well balanced and happy dog and to reduce the possibility of future behavioural issues

Learn about :

Essential socialisation

Obedience skills - sit, down, recall (whistle training)

Grooming and general handling techniques

Tellington TTouch Training techniques

Clicker Training

Games and toys - appropriate fun and play

Lead work including the use of harnesses

Nutrition advice and how food can affect behaviour